Autumnal Family Portraits in Victoria BC


I love Victoria. Growing up there means I have this appreciation of the hidden places and having lived in Vancouver for the last six years, I really enjoy slowing down a bit and finding those peaceful corners of island life to fall back into. Hanging out with the likes of Blaise and Harley who have the same sense of curiosity and adventure enhances that nostalgic feeling. We explored the quiet corners of the Royal Roads gardens and played in the leaves on this chilly autumn afternoon.

I have had the honour of photographing Filipe and Candace for many stages of their growing family and I am looking forward to photographing many more to come.







Stanley Park Tea Room Wedding Portraits

Matt & Alli | Stanley Park Tea Room Wedding

Matt and Alli are a really cool couple. They are so clearly in love and have their priorities in life figured out so well, it is a really neat kind of maturity and honesty in a newlywed relationship. Priority number one for these guys is family and community and you could see that shine through in every element of this wedding. They consciously chose to do their portraits before the ceremony so they wouldn’t lose any time to connect with their guests once they had arrived. They performed a ring-warming ceremony so every one of their guests could send their good wishes and create a spiritual connection to Matt and Alli while they read their vows. At the reception their speech was focused on thanking every last person in attendance for celebrating with them, and for what each person contributed to strengthen their love.
They chose Two Peas Photography specifically because they really wanted two photographers present so no one was missed in the photos. Knowing this, we set up an impromptu photo booth in a beautiful garden area behind the Teahouse at Stanley Park where their held their reception. We asked guests to join Jason out back so we could get a portrait of everyone present as our gift to the couple, all while Laura captured the candid moments of the party inside.

At the end of the evening we managed to convince Matt and Alli to come join us for some quick sunset portraits. Although we hated tearing them away from their community, even for a moment, we think these images were worth it.

Candace, Filipe, Blaise & Peanut | Family Portraits in Victoria BC

I was so excited when I heard Candace and Filipe were welcoming a new little peanut into their lives. Their daughter Blaise is such a cool kid and an old soul, I can’t wait to see the kind of personality their (now newborn!) son will hold.

The stars really aligned to allow for this perfect portrait session to take place in Victoria. Getting the chance to travel to Vancouver Island on a weekend when this whole busy family was available and narrowly missing the opportunity all together as Candace’s son arrived four whole weeks early! Surrounded by Garry Oaks, long grass and cherry blossoms on this spectacular, perfectly sun-lit Beacon Hill afternoon.

Lost Lake, Whistler - surprise engagement portraits

Stephen & Alisha | Whistler Surprise Proposal

I don’t think I have ever experienced the kind of dedication to a surprise than what I saw with this Stephen’s surprise proposal to Alisha in Whistler last week. Stephen contacted me in the summer when he first started this elaborate escapade. The original plan involved a glacier, a helicopter, and a bulletproof backstory for my reason to be there. He enlisted the help of caterers, pilots, hotel employees and everything in between to make this moment perfect, but alas, the weather was one thing that could not be told what to do. A thick fog had settled and the flight had to be cancelled, but with the help of the incredible staff at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, the plan was seamlessly switched to a romantic picnic on the frozen and deserted Lost Lake.

Stephen and Alisha arrived at the dock just as I was settling into my cliffside hiding spot. The question was asked (she said yes, of course!), champagne was popped, and a beautiful romantic portrait session was held as we made our way through the pristine hiking paths around the lake. I can’t wait to capture the wedding next year!


Fredericos Supper Club Elopement

Peter & Rosemary | Frederico’s Supper Club Elderly Elopement

Rosemary and Peter taught us a lot about a lot of things during our time photographing their wedding at Frederico’s Supper Club. They taught us the standard steps used in their square dancing group where they met, and the rhythms used for the ballroom dancing classes they attend every week. They taught us the kind of sea life you will find while scuba diving in rivers around the Lower Mainland, and how they differ from the rivers and ocean in the UK where they live. They taught us about the importance of bees for the sustainability of our communities, and why they keep them in their acreage at home. They taught us that even when there isn’t enough snow for downhill skiing, there is always a shady glacier perfect for snowshoeing. They taught us that a having both your hips replaced is no excuse to stop being active and enjoying life. But most importantly, they taught us that you can find someone to grow old with no matter how old you are, and falling in love isn’t just for the young and foolish.

Devin & Nova | Bellingham Beer Nerd Elopement

Devin and Nova are the kind of couple who play by their own rules. These Abbotsfordians are beekeeping, homebrewing, chicken raising vegans with a creative eye and a love of vinyl. Every decision they make is true to themselves, not convention and their wedding was no exception. From Nova’s black and gold cocktail dress and leather jacket to their custom made “diamond” rings, to the bridal bouquet Devin swiped from a patch of wild growing snapdragons next to their hotel, this wedding was clearly a celebration of this offbeat, modern and alternative couple, not about the traditions of nuptials.

The ceremony was held in the tasting room of a corner store in Bellingham called Elisabeth Station that specializes in beer, cereal and candy (AWESOME, amirite?) and officiated by one of the bartenders that work there (and by the power of greyskull). The reception dinner (and impromptu portraits) were at the incredible Chuckanut Brewpub and the “first dance” was hosted at The Green Frog to a lovely 5-piece bluegrass band complete with a washboard and jug player.


Willie Watson

One summer music festival to rule them all.

It’s that time of the year; that music festival time of the year. We decided to take a break from our normal wedding stuff and head down to Portland  to take part in Pickathon; a festival which is proving to be the most special of special music festivals. Let me break it down for you… No disposable cups, bottles or dishes of any sorts… Food truck food from the tasty-tasty Portland food scene… Beer, wine and spirits from the infamous and hip Portland peoples… Kombucha on tap (ya, I know)… A kids circus so that parents can bring their kids and park them with clowns that teach them amazing tricks while the adults have fun and gorge themselves on amazing music, food, and beverages… and self governed camping in the forest where all night jam sessions are frequent, and pleasantly soothing (it’s a nice kinda jam with violins and banjos and sweet-like singing by guys and gals).

We’ve been to many a festival, and this one is doing it right. Here’s some of our pics from the three days of magic.

Courtney Barnett
Courtney Barnett @ Pickathon 2014

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Shooting the VCBW Events.

Jen & Dave | Love Under The Kelowna Sun


It was a terrifically hectic weekend of weddings with Saturday spent in Whistler then hightailing it to Kelowna for Jen and Dave’s big day. And with a car breakdown as we were just pulling in to the city, it was not without it’s stresses! Luckily as soon as we arrived at Jen’s honeymoon suite in the beautiful El Dorado Hotel, the weekend took a turn for the awesome. The sun was shining, the bride was stunning, the champagne was flowing and the spirits were high.
The dramatic black, white and red colour scheme with a backdrop of big white fluffy “The Simpsons” style clouds and deep blue sky just screamed for dramatic black and white and vivid colour photographs in equal parts during the ceremony, it was hard to choose how to edit all the images!

The champagne sabring ceremony was a brilliant and hilarious series of facial expressions, what a great alternative to a cake cutting!

In addition to being a lawyer and marathon/triathlon athlete (and an absolutely stunning bride!) Jen is a bellydancer and so of course had to cut it up on the dance floor for their alternative “first dance” in a gals vs guys dance-off.

It was a wedding full of unique touches of personality and character that will be remembered by us peas for a long time. Continue reading